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Studio Policies

***Waiver and Client intake form****

Please sign the waiver and client intake form online before you get to the studio. We will not be able to admit you to the class if your waiver hasn’t been signed in advance. If you need our assistance filling this out, please give the studio a call.

Late Arrivals

If you are more than 5 minutes late, your instructor will decide whether it’s safe and appropriate for you to join the session. If you are more than 5 minutes late for your class you will not be allowed to enter to protect your safety and the safety of the other students. If you are attending a private, the instructor will need to adjust the time of the session accordingly.

Shoes and Socks Policy

Please leave your shoes in the cubbies outside the studio. We like our clients to wear socks at the studio for reformer classes and privates.  For your convenience, we have grippy socks available for purchase.

Cell Phone Policy

We aim to create a quiet, peaceful, and distraction-free practice space. We kindly ask you to silence your cell phone (yep, silence includes vibrations and ringing alerts) when you arrive at the studio so you (and the others around you) can be fully present for the session. We provide cubbies to keep your personal belongings safe while you enjoy some me-time on the mat.


We’ll send you an email reminder 24 hours before your appointment or class. We aren’t responsible for any bounced or failed communications (so be sure to check your spam and junk folders). 


The waitlist works! Add yourself and you’ll be bumped into the class when someone cancels. If you are unable to attend, please remove yourself from the waitlist so someone else can join. We assume you want to take every class you are waitlisted for.

Group Class Cancellations

Need to cancel a class? No problem. Just be sure to cancel your class directly on our online booking platform (sorry but we don’t accept cancellations sent via email or text .  Keep our class cancellation windows in mind when you book:

• Clients must book a class a minimum of 2 hours before the start of a session.
• Clients can book a maximum of 4-hours before the start time of a session.

If you late cancel you’ll lose your class. If you have a membership package you will also be charged $15 for late cancellations and no shows.

Private & Semi-Private Session Cancellations

We require 24 business hour notice to cancel Private and Semi-Private Sessions or you will lose your session. If you no-show for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged the full price of the session.

Class attendance of less that 2 people:

Ascendance-Pilates Yoga and Barre will only hold classes for 2 or more members.  If you are the only student signed up for class and would like to pay the price of a private with your favorite instructor, this can be arranged.

Payments & Refunds

All sales are non-refundable.

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