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Find your Core!

Align:  level 1

This full body reformer is for those new to the practice who want to learn and improve their form and understand their strengths/imbalances in the body so you can move and feel better in all of your activities throughout the day and all stages of life.  This 50-minute class is appropriate for beginner level students.

Flow:  level 2

In this 50-minute Pilates reformer class you will move the entire time from one move to the next.  Several times

throughout the class you might feel as though you are right at the edge of your limits.  Have no fear!  We will safely and gently push you just a little further so that you can learn what you are capable of and start to see the changes that you are looking for both mentally and physically.  This class is taught at an intermediate level.  If you are recovering from injuries, this class is not recommended.

Burn: level 2-3

This fast paced, athletic based Pilates reformer class will bring them together the heat of squats lunges, planks and other functional movements in an intense 50-minute workout.  The workout will never be the same twice and you will be pushed and leave feeling empowered, a little sweaty and strong!  We could even put on an interval timer to spice things up!  This is an advanced level practice and is not recommended for beginners or those with injuries.  We will be standing on top of and kneeling on the reformer so good balance is necessary.

Jump: level 2-3

This 50-minute jump board Pilates reformer workout includes intense jump intervals mixed with are and core exercises to give you a great full body and low impact cardio workout.  This is an intermediate to advanced level workout and is not recommended for anyone with knee issues.

Pilates Stretch and Restore: all levels

This 50-minute Pilates equipment class will focus on stretching and mobilizing the body.  This class is great for beginners and Pilates pros alike.  It is also a wonderful class for those looking to cross train and balance out your body from other sports and activities.  Look for our evening class too which is “Zen” Flow and Restore in the evening set to candle light.

Tower Power: level 2-3

This tower/reformer combo is a powerful apparatus class that is an amazing full body workout that will tone and tighten every part of your body!

This is a 50-minute intermediate level class that requires at least 6 months reformer experience.

Chair-licious: level 2-3

Get ready to have a seat for this action-packed 50-minute Pilates chair workout with a heavy emphasis on core, bootie, legs and obliques.  This is an intermediate/advanced level class and at least 6 months of reformer experience is a prerequisite.

Double Trouble – Tower/Chair: level 2-3

This Fun 50-minute workout combines the best of two pieces of equipment, the Pilates chair and tower.  This challenging full body workout will work all the major muscle groups and then some!  This is an intermediate/advanced level class and requires at least 6 months reformer experience.

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